About Us

At Astrid’s, we pride ourselves on creating a high-class atmosphere with premium drinks. Escape from Auckland's masses and step into a world of quality nightlife tailored to discerning clientele. Meet like-minded people, enjoy great drinks and dance away to your favourite 70s, 80s and 90s hits.

Our atmosphere

Tired of rowdy bars that are too loud to think? We’ve crafted the perfect atmosphere to let loose and have fun without feeling too crowded. Our intimate setting is a great way to engage in interesting conversation while enjoying a drink or a dance.

Our values

Unlike other bars on the scene, we cater specifically to a more discerning crowd for a relaxed and welcoming environment. Everything from our layout and atmosphere to our drinks and music selection is to ensure you have a great night with great people and friendly staff.

Come and check out the relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff at Astrids.

Call 027 454 1138

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